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We Can Help You Talk to Your Current Doctor


We Can Help You Talk to Your Current Doctor

We understand how conversations with your doctor about treatment options for your severe COPD/Emphysema can be challenging, so we’re here to help! We can share information about the Zephyr Valve treatment with your current doctor so they can be prepared to have a conversation with you about whether you may qualify for treatment.

More than 25,000 patients have been treated with Zephyr Valves, but many doctors are still learning about this newer treatment category.

Talk To My Doctor – OI-4-v4 Email

Take a moment to complete this form, and we will send your doctor information about this minimally invasive treatment to help determine whether this treatment option may be right for you.

Your current doctor will receive information on the following:

  • Types of patients who are likely to benefit and be eligible for the procedure
  • The tests that will be done and the diagnoses required during the treatment evaluation
  • Benefits for your health and potential quality of life improvements
  • The potential risks and complications of the procedure

For U.S. Only