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Is Severe COPD/Emphysema Stopping You From Doing What You Love?

There are treatment options available to help you get back to living life on your terms. Gardening, fishing, playing with grandkids, dining out with friends, walking the dog and more — Yes You Can. 

Zephyr Valves are clinically proven to help people with severe emphysema breathe easier, be more active, and enjoy a better quality of life.1

Is the Zephyr Valve Right for you?

Not Another Medication. No Cutting or Incisions.

The Zephyr Valve is a minimally invasive treatment option that uses a bronchoscope to place tiny one-way valves in your airways to release trapped air and allow your lungs to function better. Watch this video to see how the procedure works.

Not Another Medication. No Cutting or Incisions.

Talk to a Zephyr Valve Treating Doctor About Whether this Option May Be Right for You

A Zephyr Valve Treating Center can perform eligibility tests and provide treatment if you qualify. An Assessment Center can perform eligibility tests and then, if you qualify, you can visit a Zephyr Valve Treating Center to have the procedure.

Stanford Health Care, Interventional Pulmonology

Dr. Brian Shaller

5.09 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Lindsey Gatton, RN

650-229-5862 Text me the Number

Assessment Center

Mills Peninsula Medical Center/Pulmonary

Dr. Robert Jasmer

20.20 Miles Away

650-600-6496 Text me the Number

UC Davis Medical Center

Dr. Chinh Phan, Dr. Ken Yoneda

85.47 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Dr. Brooks Kuhn, Dr. Michael Schivo

916-603-2944 Text me the Number

Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center

Dr. Upendra Kaphle

102.12 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Dr. Upendra Kaphle

916-735-4678 Text me the Number


Dr. Tao He, Dr. Catherine Oberg, Dr. Scott Oh, Dr. Reza Ronaghi

309.35 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Dora Gomez

310-954-9069 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

Cedars - Sinai

Dr. George Chaux

310.47 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Karla Valladares

310-919-0092 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center

Dr. Aung Tun, Dr. Geena Wu

355.11 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Rachel Pisano

951-900-3649 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

Loma Linda University Medical Center

Dr. Ara Chrissian, Dr. Elliot Ho

356.81 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Yanine Castaneda

909-655-4300 Text me the Number

Redlands Community Hospital - Beaver Medical Group

Dr. Sameh Hanna

360.38 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Carolyn Meyer

909-316-3534 Text me the Number

Assessment Center

Lung Center of Nevada, CCCN

387.02 Miles Away

702-842-1053 Text me the Number

University of Nevada Las Vegas Medicine

Dr. Arthur Oliver Romero

392.64 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Lakietha Flournoy

725-237-3871 Text me the Number

Scripps Health - Encinitas

Dr. Samir Makani

406.16 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Tania Garcia

760-492-6694 Text me the Number

Eisenhower Health/Eisenhower Medical Center

Dr. Justin Thomas

407.00 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Elizabeth Smith

760-819-7744 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

San Diego VA Hospital

Dr. George Cheng - Referral Needed

416.80 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Lana Sheinkman

858-504-6606 Text me the Number

Oregon Lung Specialists - Peacehealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend

Dr. Khuram Ameen

462.84 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Brie Anderson

541-612-7924 Text me the Number

*Center requires physician referral, no self-referrals accepted


In the LIBERATE pivotal clinical trial, at one-year, the patients who received the Zephyr Valve experienced the following benefits compared to patients on medications alone1,37:

Breathe easier due to improved lung function

Could do more exercise and walk farther

Could do more daily life activities, such as walking, bathing, and gardening

Enjoyed a better quality of life with more energy

Felt more confident leaving their home


Complications of the Zephyr Endobronchial Valve treatment can include but are not
limited to pneumothorax, worsening of COPD symptoms, hemoptysis, pneumonia,
dyspnea and, in rare cases, death.1

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