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Thank You For Your Interest in the Zephyr® Valve


Thank You for Your Interest in the Zephyr® Valve Treatment

Zephyr Valve treatment is indicated for people with severe emphysema, an advanced form of COPD. To be eligible for Zephyr Valve treatment, you must quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is the single most important step a smoker can take to improve their length and quality of life. Don’t know where to start?

Thank You For Your Interest – Smoking

Find your reason. Maybe it’s making it possible to spend time with family or the ability to try a new treatment, like Zephyr Valve, that could help you breathe better — work toward your goal.

Thank You For Your Interest – Smoking

Get help. Your doctor can be a key resource as you’re trying to quit smoking. They can talk to you about medications to help you quit and put you in contact with local resources.

Thank You For Your Interest – Smoking

Don’t go it alone. The American Lung Association and other organizations have support for you.

Read Paul’s Story about how the idea of getting treatment with the Zephyr Valve motivated him to quit smoking, get the tests to see if he’d qualify, and get the procedure.

Now I can breathe easier and take a full breath with a smile on my face.

– Paul, 58, White Cloud, MI


If you’re ready to take the next step, download a Doctor Discussion Guide to review a set of questions, discuss your answers and how you’re feeling with your current doctor.

Not ready to talk with a Zephyr Valve Treating Doctor? Would you like us to send your current doctor information about this treatment option?