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Understanding Severe COPD/Emphysema & if Zephyr Valves Could Help

This video explains how severe COPD/Emphysema impacts you and how Zephyr Valves work. Learn how Zephyr Valves can help patients breathe easier.

Understanding the Zephyr Valve Eligibility Tests

This animated video walks you through the eligibility tests performed at your Zephyr Valve evaluation.

Understanding if the Zephyr Valve Procedure May Be Right For You

This video provides an introduction to the Zephyr Valve procedure for severe COPD/Emphysema and may help you decide if this option is right for you.

What to Expect Before, During, and After the Zephyr Valve Procedure

A Zephyr Valve Treating Doctor explains what you can expect before, during, and after the Zephyr Valve procedure to help you understand if this may be right for you.

Patient Story: Randy Ayers, Virginia

Able to ride her horse without oxygen for the first time in years.

Find out if the Zephyr Valve May be Right for you

Find a Zephyr Valve Treating Doctor Near You

  • A Zephyr Valve Treating Center can perform eligibility tests and provide treatment if you qualify.
  • An Assessment Center can perform eligibility tests and then, if you qualify, you can visit a Zephyr Valve Treating Center to have the procedure.

The Oregon Clinic and Providence Portland Medical Center

Dr. Rick Balestra

5.50 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Steve Scheide

503-546-2811 Text me the Number

Oregon Lung Specialists - Peacehealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend

Dr. Khuram Ameen

101.06 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Brie Anderson

541-612-7924 Text me the Number

Virginia Mason Medical Center - Pulmonary Department

Dr. Steve Kirtland, Dr. Luke Seaburg

145.08 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Scott Cleman, RN, Brittany Allen-Crum, Program Coordinator

206-279-9966 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

University of Washington Medical Center

Dr. Michael Mulligan, Dr. Douglas Wood

147.96 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Diane Lockhart, RN, BSN

206-279-6630 Text me the Number

A Zephyr Care Team Member will answer and assist you.

Assessment Center

Confluence Health - Central Washington Health

Dr. Saba Lodhi, Dr. Sean Hachey, Dr. Craig Kunz, Dr. Jonathan Stoever

171.62 Miles Away

509-401-8902 Text me the Number

Providence Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic

Dr. Jiten D. Patel

289.74 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Jana Jensen

509-498-3455 Text me the Number

Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center

Dr. Upendra Kaphle

473.98 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Dr. Upendra Kaphle

916-735-4678 Text me the Number

UC Davis Medical Center

Dr. Chinh Phan, Dr. Ken Yoneda

485.54 Miles Away

Program Coordinator: Dr. Brooks Kuhn, Dr. Michael Schivo

916-603-2944 Text me the Number

*Center requires physician referral, no self-referrals accepted

*Center requires physician referral, no self-referrals accepted

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